Coolest Music Video

December 17th, 2010 at 1:50 pm (Notable Artists, Notable Music, Random Stuff)


The Most Unexpected Rihanna Cover Ever

December 2nd, 2010 at 1:24 pm (Notable Artists, Notable Music)

I anticipate I’ll have more to say about this artist later.  For now, I’ll post this here so I don’t forget about it or lose it and just say: wow.  Pop/classical fusion — I’ve never seen anything like it. (If you’re not familiar with “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna — a huge pop radio hit from a few years ago — watch this first).


Notable Christian Singer-Songwriter

July 6th, 2010 at 6:01 pm (Notable Artists)

Wanted to be sure to include space in this blog to sing the praises of a New Zealand singer-songwriter I’ve been listening to lately.  Brooke Fraser has earned  some fame for a number of songs she wrote and performed with the Australian Christian group Hillsong — notably “Hosanna”, “Desert Song”, “Soon,” — all of which distinctive and haunting.  Her solo work was subsequently a treat of a discovery.  Here, she doesn’t so much write toward the Christian-pop-worship or K-Love formats, but rather as a talented songwriter who is a woman of genuine faith, working to discern her place in the world.  If you’re confused what the difference is, then I encourage you to check out Albertine, her second and most recent album — and best.  It means at times struggling with her faith and how to live it out meaningfully — “My comfort would prefer for me to be numb/And avoid the impending birth/Of who I was born to become” (from “C.S. Lewis Song”) — or the emotional struggle of an encounter with strife in Rwanda and an irrepressible feeling of call-to-service, while being too-easily removed from it (the title track).  Or just hoping and waiting for romantic love (“Love Is Waiting”).  Refreshing to encounter an artist so honest and insightful about faith.  Her skill for writing thoughtful and distinctive lyric gives us what is so satisfying in an artist: The feeling that we’re seeing the world from a singular and special perspective.